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TJ provides industry with a complete range of Lifting Gear Inspection and Proof Load Testing services.

Lifting Gear inspections are conducted in order to meet the requirements of Federal, Provincial and Industry Regulations, including Canadian and North Sea Offshore standards.

There are numerous Codes & Standards in place governing lifting gear inspection, with different requirements depending on the application. These regulations are constantly being reviewed in order to maintain the compliance of each clients inspection program.

  • NS OH&S General Regulations
  • CNSOPB Regulations - Part XIV
  • Canada Shipping Act Tackle Regulations
  • Classification Societies Lloyds Registry, DNV, ABS

By using Multi-discipline personnel with certifications from Evita, CGSB, ASNT, CWB, and IRATA, a thorough program can be implemented for all types of equipment using a cost-effective approach. TJ technicians have the advantage of full access to a wide range of NDE test methods and equipment.

TJ is an independent Engineering, Inspection, & Testing Company and does not sell any type of wire rope, slings, lifting, or drilling equipment.

The requirements of governing legislation for traceability and record keeping of Materials Handling Equipment Documentation have significantly increased in complexity and volume.

Companies must demonstrate due diligence by ensuring that lifting gear meets the specified requirements and is inspected and tested in accordance with legislation and certification authority regulations.

TJ has developed a Certification Database Program to assist with the documentation management aspects of lifting gear certification, inspection, and maintenance records.

Loss Control and HS&E departments are targeting their audits on the traceability of safety maintenance and inspection records. The database program was developed to help meet these requirements by ensuring that the documentation of lifting gear and equipment maintenance is complete, readily accessible, and meets specifications.

Features of this database software are as follows:

  • One Comprehensive CD-ROM containing all Original Certificates, Purchasing, Inspection, and Maintenance Records providing a full traceability package.
  • Flexibility in the data entry for each item to allow for the application of the various code requirements.
  • Multiple Search Engines to allow for easy retrieval of equipment status, inspection data, or certificates.
  • Inspection schedule generator details which equipment requires inspection prior to its due date and groups the tasks into logical work packages.
  • Can interface with existing maintenance systems.
  • The Report Writing feature allows for the easy generation of equipment summaries, specific inspection histories, outstanding repair logs, and original certificate printing.