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Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
AMEC Black & MacDonald EMCP Sable Tier Two Alma Platform Risers & Process Piping Modifications    
EMCP Compression Platform Installation, Pipe Rack Fabrication  
Atlantic Pipelines Sable Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids Dual 8" Pipeline - 110 km of dual 8", over 9000 welds 100% RT
Black and McDonald Boom Trucks & Man Lift Inspection and Certification since 1996. General NDE and QC Services
BMS Offshore Lasmo Nova Scotia Phase III Offshore Mechanical Completion
PanCanadian ECP Platform Modifications and Rig Move
Sable Offshore Hook Up & Commissioning Tier One Facilities Thebaud, Venture, North Triumph Platforms
FRP to CuNi Piping Replacement and Venture Upgrade
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Bow Valley Offshore Drilling Semi Submersibles Bow Drills I, II and III Maintenance, Class and Crane surveys, high pressure piping systems, barge load outs
Bow Drill III Completion project for Saint John Shipyards
Canada Steamship Lines LRS UT & Boom Surveys on Bulk Carriers Atlantic Erie, Melvin H. Baker, Nanticoke
Canadian Coast Guard Maintenance work and UT condition surveys on East Coast Fleet Vessels
Central Artery Tunnel Project Vendor Surveillance, Final Product Acceptance and Project Expediting on the "Big Dig" Boston Tunnel
Defense Construction Canada Maintenance and up grade projects at Nova Scotia CFBs
High Arctic Aviation Fuel Tank Fabrication Project
Delta Catalytic Rowan Gorilla III Conversion to COPAN Project Production Platform
ExxonMobil QA/QC Services for OCTG Products Hibernia, Sable, Tera Nova Fields    
Sable Offshore Energy Project: Offshore Platforms
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Fabco / CKT SOEI - Fabrication of Accommodation Modules Thebaud & Venture
Foster Wheeler CO Boiler Re Tube at Imperial Oil Refinery Dartmouth
Frontier Drilling Houston, Texas
CDU Kulluk Restoration In Tuktoyuktuk North West Territories
Crown Cluster Removal, Lifting Gear Inspections, NDE and Rope Access Support During Rig Restoration
GE Canada James Bay Hydroelectric Project, Yacereta and Tarbella Upgrade Turbine Shaft Fabrication
GlobalSantaFe Drilling
Arctic 1
Under deck NDE Inspections using rope access techniques on location in Mississippi.    

GlobalSantaFe Drilling

GSF Galaxy 2

Lifting Gear Database management and inspections.  
Routine and Emergency Ad-hoc Rope Access and NDE Services in support of the drilling program on the Sable Development Field  
Annual DROPS Surveys, Crane and Life Boat Load Testing.  
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access

GlobalSantaFe Drilling

GSF Grand Banks

Crown Block Removal, Finger Board Replacement, Wind Wall Renewals  
On location replacement of anchor chain fairleads and Active Heave Cylinder Removal.  
Routine and Emergency Ad-hoc Rope Access Services in support of the drilling and completions program on the White Rose Development Field  
Provided a 2,000 Bar UHP Water Blasting System and operating crews for coating restoration      
GlobalSantaFe Drilling
GSF Celtic Sea
Post Hurricane Katrina & Rita
Fairlead Replacement and Bolster Renewal
Class Survey and Anode Replacement.    
Under Deck Piping and Welding Services.    
GJ Cahill EMCP Tier Two offshore hookup and commissioning of South Venture Topsides  
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Halifax Shipyards EMCP South Venture Topside fabrication NDE      
GlobalSantaFe Grand Banks Semi Submersible enhanced survey and refit    
Ocean Rig: Semi Submersible Rig Eirik Raude completion project
Major Ship Projects: CCG Louis St Laurent, ASL Sanderling, 22 Dec 89
Halliburton East Coast Canada equipment inspections  
Horton CBI Oil storage tank construction Texaco and Imperial Oil Refineries
Imperial Oil Refinery Refinery Maintenance NDE contract 1984-87
Western Plumbing & Heating NDT 1984 to present
Annual crane and lifting gear certification 1994 through 1996
Piping & Structural Surveys on Tanker Fleet Acadia, Bedford, St. Clair;
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Lasmo Nova Scotia Panuke & Cohasset Deck Fabrication Site Surveillance
120' Burner Boom Fabrication Site Surveillance
Offshore Platform Structural Surveys, Maintenance Inspections and Corrosion Monitoring Programs
M & M Manufacturing Ptns ASME "U" Stamp SNT-TC-1A Level III services, Cobalt 60 radiography & specialized UT Flaw Detection
M/V Dodsland Super Tanker Underwater eddy current crack detection and repair
Marine Atlantic Fleet maintenanceMV Caribou new bow visor hook
Maritime Electric, PEI Power Generation Equipment Maintenance and Civil Construction
Maritimes North East Pipeline Halifax Lateral Pipeline Substation Fabrication Site Surveillance
McNally Wellman Coal Distribution System for NSPC Point Aconi
Michelin Tire Tire Manufacturing & Rubber Process Equipment Maintenance Inspection
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Nordic Canadian Shipping
TT Nordic Apollo
Cargo Tank Boundary Leak Testing Program Development and Monitoring
ABS 20 year UT and Close Up Condition Survey
Tanker Modifications and Refit in Lisbon Site Surveillance
Nova Scotia DOT Bridge fabrication, installation and maintenance condition inspections through out Nova Scotia
Ocean Rig 2 AS MODU - Bingo 9000, Eirik Raude Completion Project. Thruster Installation, Derrick Completion & Torque Testing, Pad Eye & Trolley Beam Load Testing, Insulation, Heat Tracing, all Rope Access services.
PanCanadian COPAN Structural Surveys Offshore from 1995 through 2000
Corrosion/Erosion Surveys Process Equipment 1992 through 1999
ECP Anchor Chain Inspection and deployment Site Surveillance
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Point Tupper Terminal Crane certification and inspection of Lifting Gear
Public Works Canada Wharf Corrosion Studies and underwater repair programs
Rowan Companies
Rowan Juneau
Maintenance and ABS required annual surveys.
Welder testing and weld procedure development.
Annual inspection of Drilling and Hoisting Equipment, Cranes, and Lifting Gear
Sable Offshore Energy Project Site Surveillance during fabrication of Thebaud and North Triumph Jackets in Texas and TEG/MEG skids in Kansas
Drilling Equipment & OCTG QC Supervision
Specialized Start Up Assistance and trouble shooting

Saipem Canada

S7000 Heavy Lift Vessel

SOEP Tier One Phase I, II and III offshore installation of Jacket Structures, Piles and Topside Facilities

Saipem Canada

Castoro 10 Pipelay Barge

SOEP Tier II Offshore installation of subsea pipeline, 55 km of 12" and 3"      

Saipem Houston

S7000 Heavy Lift & J Lay Vessel

Gulf of Mexico: Exxon Diana DDCV, topsides, "J" Lay pipeline, and risers. Texaco Petronius Project
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access

Santa Fe Drilling

Galaxy II

Design and Install Certification Database in Singapore
Galaxy II Lifting Gear Inspection and Database Maintenance
Sedco Semi submersibles 706, 709 and 710 Production piping, drilling tools

Smedvig Offshore

Drill Ship - West Navion

Offshore Risers & Drilling Equipment, Vessel Strucutural Survey    
Steel & Engine Products Ltd. ASME Level III Services for pressure vessel (U,R Stamp) certification
Crane & Lifting Equipment Certification 1993 through 1996
Texaco / Ultramar Dartmouth
Refinery Maintenance NDE contract 1986-1991
Transocean / Penney Energy Henry Goodridge 5 year Refit. Including ACFM Structural Survey, Removal of all 12 Fairleaders for Refurbishing, and renewal of anodes above water line.  
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access
Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling
Semi - Marianas
Mooring System Upgrade Project.
Installation of Fairleads on location in Gulf of Mexico
Rope Access services investigating Bolster damage on location in Columbia and Gulf of Mexico      
Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling
Semi – Jack Bates
Mooring System Upgrade Project.
Inspection of Fairleads on location in North Western Australia
Mooring System Upgrade Project.
Removal of fairleads and bushing renewals on location in Singapore
Venture Pentzien Sable NG/NGL Pipeline Canso Crossing
Volvo Canada Lifting Equipment and Production Line Certification 1995 and 1996
Zapata Jack Up Rig - Zapata Scotian, Well N91 Blow Out activities, rig refit and new jacking pinions installation
Client Project QA/QC Inspection NDE Lifting Gear Rope Access