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TJ Inspection Services provides a complete range of standard & specialized Non Destructive Testing methods for industrial fabrication and maintenance activities.

This wide range of inspection capabilities provides clients with a single source supplier for all of their testing applications.

Multi-discipline personnel are available for both onshore and offshore projects.

TJ is certified through the Canadian Welding Bureau to CSA W178.1 for Welding Inspection Companies and is fully licensed through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Field technicians have certifications that meet the requirements of ISO 9712:1992(E), Canadian General Standards Board CAN/CGSB-48.9712-95, API RP2X, and SNT-TC-1A.

For both large fabrication projects and routine plant and equipment maintenance surveys, TJ has a proven track record providing a diverse range of Non Destructive Testing Methods:

Industrial Radiography Visual Inspections Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Magnetic Particle Liquid Penetrant Corrosion Monitoring
Electromagnetic Detection Eddy Current Automated Ultrasonics
NACE Coating Inspections Infrared Thermography Acoustic Emission
Bolt Torque Testing Lifting Gear Certification Hydrostatic Testing
Material Hardness Metallurgical Testing Chemical Analysis

ASME Pressure Vessel fabrication and repair facilities require an NDE Level III service provider, certified to SNT-TC-1A.

TJ has two NDE Level III inspectors certified to both the CGSB and SNT-TC-1A systems. CWB Welding Supervisor services are available during structural, offshore or pipeline contracts providing complete inspection support for any type of industry.

An in-house training program is in place for the qualification of NDE personnel. This includes all disciplines & methods including RP-2X TKY certification.

With over 40 years of combined NDE experience, the senior management of TJ Inspection provides clients with more than just a professional NDE service.

  • Project Specific NDE Procedure Development
  • Technique Proving and consulting services
  • Specification writing and reviews
  • Risk Based Inspection Planning
  • Technician training and assessments
  • Maintenance Inspection and Testing Selection

New advancements in the NDE and inspection field are constantly being reviewed in order to bring the benefits of the best available technology to our clients.

TJ can provide personnel to monitor Welding Procedure Testing and Development, and Welder performance testing providing an independent third party certification of results.

During operations and maintenance there is a cost savings associated with knowing what to inspect and when to inspect it. Risk Based Inspection Planning provides our clients with exactly that information. This process assigns inspection methods, frequencies, and acceptance criteria based on parameters that consider the consequence of failures.