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Industrial Rope Access is a proven approach which provides personnel with safe working access to difficult areas through the use of traditional climbing equipment and abseiling techniques.

These services were pioneered in the North Sea, where clients realized the significant cost savings of using Rope Access in lieu of the more costly option of scaffolding. This method now allows Engineers, Inspectors and Technicians a means of Safe Access to and from a wide range of work areas.

TJ Rope Access technicians participate in IRATA Industrial Rope Access Trade Association training, which is the industry standard in the North Sea and recognized in Nova Scotia. TJ Inspection was involved in a technology transfer program that involved several UK Rope Access companies during the mid 1990's in order to complete the personnel training.

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The use of Rope Access Services has spread from the offshore through to general industry applications. Using Rope Access methods for performing work have proved out to be both and safe and economical options for performing a wide variety of services.

The use of multi-discipline personnel has provided TJ with a unique advantage. Clients are provided with technicians that are capable of performing standard trade tasks in difficult to access areas. Total manpower requirements for construction projects are minimized and scaffolding costs are reduced.

TJ provides the following Rope Access Services:

  • Welding, Burning & Mechanical Installation
  • Surface preparation, Painting & Insulation
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Installation
  • Offshore Structural Surveys & NDE Inspections
  • In-service Marine Vessel IACS Thickness Surveys