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GSF Grand Banks on Location off Newfoundland, Canada

The GSF Grand Banks is on long term contract to the White Rose Development Project. TJ has been supplying the Grand Banks with specialized rope access services.

These projects started during the 2003 refit in Halifax harbour and are continuing through the on site activities in support of the drilling and production operation.

The on site projects have been designed and carried out with minimal impact to the daily rig operations.

Installing Gin Pole For Active Heave Cylinder Removal

Active Heave Compensator

Design and installation of gin pole system used for the removal and repair of the active heave cylinder

AHCC being removed from the top of the derrick structure
Crown Block being lowered to the drill floor

Derrick Mechanical

Crown Block Removal

New Finger Board Installation

Derrick Beam Upgrades

Bolt Torque and

Drop Objects Surveys

Installation of new finger boards
Cuttings Discharge Line Extension

Welding and Fabrication Projects

Cuttings Discharge Line Replacement

DDM Rail Modifications

Trip Tank Plaftorm

Replacing under deck piping
Replacing Anchor Chain Fairleads while on location

Mooring System

On Site Fairlead Replacement

Maintenance and Inspections


Inspection of mooring system components