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Rope Access Services

The Eirik Raude is a fifth generation semi submersible drilling rig designed for deep water harsh environments. During the completion project in Halifax harbor TJ provided personnel for all aspects from Mechanical through Inspection.

The Rope Access component of this project included more than 30 technicians performing welding, applying insulation, repairing coatings and installing various mechanical equipment.

Derrick Cable Trays Before

Electrical Work

Sensor Installation

Lighting Fixtures

Cable pulling

Tray modifications

Derrick Cable Trays After
Thruster Installation - 4 of 6 Performed by TJ

Mechanical Crews

Thruster Installation

BOP Transportors

Drilling Equipment

Bolt Torquing

Load Testing

Pipe Racking System Drag Chain Replacement
Rope Acces Under Deck Penetration Welding


Underdeck penetrations

Flare Booms

ADCP Platform

Deluge Piping

Rope Access - Derrick Completion and Comissioning
Installing Insulation and Coating Repairs

Coatings and Insulation

Perimeter Structure

Lifeboat Stations

Moon Pool

Pontoon Tanks

Engine Cooling

Rope Access Light Installation on Prod Boom